Adriatica Village Proposal – Sweet Surprise Moment

I love being part of planning a proposal, and this one was no exception. Proposals are tough in the sense that I have to be sneaky and give as much instruction as I can beforehand I have no control over how it goes during the moment, and the partner popping the question is usually full of nerves. It makes it easy to forget a plan or specific instructions when you have such an important question to ask. Dan did a great job following instructions for some fabulous images of his Adriatica Village Proposal. Read the full story below!

Dan + Gina’s Adriatica Village Proposal Story

Dan’s dad Jack reached out to me regarding Dan’s plan to pop the question to his long time girlfriend Gina after his graduation ceremony from the local police academy earlier in the day. I was so glad I was available since I got the call about 48 hours in advance. I was already going to be at Adriatica Village for another session, so it worked out amazingly! Since I wasn’t able to speak to Dan personally before the proposal, we devised a plan where I would place a small piece of electrical tape on the ground by where Dan had specified he wanted the backdrop for the special moment.

He scared me a little by taking a route to the spot where I couldn’t see him from my hiding place, but spotted the tape and flawlessly caught Gina off guard. Both of their immediate family members were hiding in a nearby restaurant watching the proposal unfold. I was behind a nearby pillar with a zoom lens getting all the emotional moments. Props to Dan for staying on his knee for the whole proposal, which allowed me to get multiple angles as the moment unfolded.

After Gina’s shock wore off, we grabbed a few quick family photos to commemorate the moment, then I stole the bride and groom to be for a mini portrait session. I always make a point to grab a few couple’s portraits as part of a proposal package. You are already dressed up, and why wait to show off that sparkly new ring?

Congrats to Dan and Gina on their Adriatica Village Proposal and their a new journey together!

If you or anyone you know is planning on popping the question soon, reach out! I am happy to help plan and map out the perfect proposal for your partner. I want everyone’s proposal to feel special and personalized. Locations, time of day, and details matter. Why have a good proposal, when you can have a great one? I’ll get off my soap box, but make sure you go the extra mile when planning something so special.

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