Should You Hire a Dallas Wedding Planner?

Is a Dallas Wedding Planner Worth the Investment?

Wedding planning is stressful. Regardless of size there are so many things to decide on and organize. Is a Dallas Wedding Planner really worth the money? I am a huge advocate for hiring a professional planner for your big day. As a wedding professional that has seen several hundred weddings at all sorts, I can say with certainty that the ones that ran smoothest had a professional planner at the helm keeping everything organized and on time.

While your friends and family are usually happy to help make your wedding special and perfect, they have likely never planned or organized an event the size or importance of a wedding before. This is a lot of pressure on them, a lot of questions for you while you are getting ready, and also takes away time they could be enjoying with you.

Dallas Wedding Planners can be more budget friendly than you think. You aren’t just paying for their service. You are paying for peace of mind. They will make sure the vendors arrive and get set up, that the decor is in place, and all the tiny details that you should not have to think about on one of the most important days of your life. There are levels of involvement from your planner you can choose from. Plans typically range from starting about 6 weeks out from the wedding date to take the details you have planned and shape it into a great timeline that they will execute, to full service planning and coordination from the moment you book your fabulous planner.

I can stand on a soap box and tell you all about why I think a planner is worth the investment, but I thought I would ask a few question to two of my favorite Dallas Wedding Planners. Both of the planners below are ones I trust and refer all my clients to.

Pink Glitter Events – Venetta Petties

Known lovingly as “The Bride Whisperer” Venetta is a tried and true planner I have worked with at multiple weddings. She has rocked them all! Definitely someone to trust with your big day. Check out more about Venetta and her work here.

  • How long have you been a Dallas Wedding Planner? Since July of 2017. 
  • What is your approach to helping your clients make their wedding dreams a reality? I like to get a to know my clients first. I ask them to share how they met and details about the proposal. This allows me to partner them with wedding professionals who are perfect for their wedding day vision. I like to bring my couples to their wedding venue a few weeks before the wedding. It allows them to take it all in before their wedding day.
  • What is your favorite part of wedding planning? Cake tastings! Just kidding… sort of. I love when a Bride describes her vision and I send her a picture and she says “omg yes! That’s it!”. I connect with my Brides not only as a wedding planner but as a friend and sometimes as a second Mom.
  • What is one tip that you would give to every bride planning their special day? Hire wedding professionals. Do your homework, look at reviews and ask questions. 
  • Are there any other services you offer besides wedding planning we should know about? My husband is an Officiant and we have a sister company “Girls Who Twirl Cotton Candy “. 

Coalesce Creations – Athena DeVonne

Sassy & professional, Athena is someone with great attention to detail. She owns every room she steps into, so you can be sure she will have control of your perfect wedding day. Check out her full website here.

  • How long have you been a Dallas Wedding Planner? I consider January 15th, 2013 my official professional start date.  Eight years ago, on that date a bride decided she wanted to be my first and trusted me whole heartedly. To this date, Mattia Martin is still a true supporter and still my beautiful bride!  Ever since I walked away from my corporate position 8 years ago, I have not regretted a moment and love continually growing in my passion for taking brides and grooms on their journey to ‘I Do’
  • What is your approach to helping your clients make their wedding dreams a reality? Building a relationship with my couples is my number one priority.  The more I know about them, the better I can assist them make decisions along the journey.  Personalized experiences allow my couples to focus on their love and create memories instead of stressful moments.  I want every one of my couples to feel they had the wedding of the year, simply because it was everything they wanted but didn’t know they could have. I tell all my couples, the wedding isn’t just one day, it’s the first day of your marriage!!  Which deserves to be just right to set the tone for the rest of your days. The only way I can provide my couples THEIR wedding, is to create the relationship so I know who they are.  Then I can curate a planning experience around them and design a wedding that tells their visual love story.
  • What is your favorite part of wedding planning? Honestly the couple! I love hearing their love story, their dreams, their future plans.  I love that my couples trust me to execute their ideals and desires into their wedding. Learning their personalities and navigating how to communicate with them individually and together. I started keeping a scrapbook recently because I create so many memories with my couples and I don’t want to forget those times. I have so many stories I could tell. Outside of the couple, my favorite part is staying in touch with them as Mr & Mrs. I’ve enjoyed the barbeques, cards, baby showers and birthdays I have been able to share with my couples after their journies to ‘I Do’.
  • What is one tip that you would give to every bride planning their special day? It’s the first day of your marriage. Don’t get wrapped up in the details, get wrapped up in each other, because it’s your love that is being celebrated. Make decisions together, compromise things not your love for one another. Keep in the forefront of your mind, this is not just one day, its THE day that begins your new journey as one.
  • Are there any other services you offer besides wedding planning we should know about? Oh yes. Other than planning we offer: Month of and Day of Coordination, Full Design, Decor and Florals, Custom Builds, Decor Rentals, Paper Flower Backdrops and Installations, Bridal Concierge Stylists and Consultants.

Thanks to both Venetta and Athena for lending some wisdom and light to the world of a Dallas Wedding Planner. Reach out to either of these fabulous ladies for any of your event planning needs. Their extensive knowledge and experience won’t let you down!

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